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2019 Alaska USAW State Registration information is posted under the AUSAW State tab

State Hospitality Room Request

STATE Tournament T-SHIRTS will be available for sale through
Northwest Designs during the State tournaments:
•     It is requested that all teams send their team rosters/wrestlers’ and coaches’ names to Kim 
Ottum at  by April 15, 2019 to be included on the t-shirts.
•     The roster can include all of your wrestlers and coaches and not just those attending the 
state tournaments.
•     Please e-mail the rosters to It is important to turn in these names 
ASAP! We have a deadline with the shirt company and if we don’t receive your roster in time, your 
team might be left out.
•     EXCEL format is preferred. WORD format is acceptable. Please do  not embed your roster in an 
email. Photos are also not acceptable.
•     If you do not receive a confirmed reply from ME, the roster was not received.
*Please note this roster is used for the shirts only and is NOT a replacement for the entry forms.
Please direct any questions to Kim Ottum at
Thank you.


AUSAW Requires a Wrestling Leader Membership to Coach or Officiate

AUSAW is requiring that athletes who will also be coaching or officiating obtain a Wrestling Leader Membership as well as the athlete membership.

AUSAW is NOT accepting Event Volunteer for coaching or officiating.

All Coaches, Pairing Officials & Mat Officials MUST have a current Wrestling Leader Membership.

Please direct any questions to


Future of Champions Team Alaska Camp registration is now open

See the Team Alaska Tab


2019 Tournament schedule

See the "Tournaments" tab.


AUSAW Annual Membership Meeting was held Saturday, February 9, 2019 @ 2:00pm


Note new period lengths for 16 U (Cadet): 2 - two minute periods

Alaska USA Wrestling adds 
6U/Pre-Bantam, DOB: 2013-2014, weights: 35,40,43,45,49,53,56,62,70


New Mandatory requirement for all Volunteer Adults for the AUSAW 2018 season - Safe Sport Training


New requirement for Alaska USA Wrestling 2018 season: All adults who help at their club must complete the Safe Sport training & provide a copy of the certificate to your club leaders as well as carry it with you; either paper, electronic copy or a photo image on your phone will be acceptable. This includes but isn't limited to all coaches, officials, club board members and any other volunteer adults helping their club's board with any club business.  In addition, All coaches are still also required to have "Copper" or “Bronze” certification and provide a current USAW coaches card and Concussion Training certificate to receive a coaches band and to be allowed in the corner at tournaments. This will be required from now on starting with the first tournament on 3/2-3/18. AUSAW BOD will be spot checking coaches, so please abide by these rules.


In exchange for a coaches band, coaches will be REQUIRED to produce their Safe Sport certification, a current dated, not expired, ASAA or CDC concussion training certificate and a current USAW coaches card with either Copper, Bronze or higher certification. AUSAW BOD will be spot checking coaches, so please abide by these rules when handing out the wristbands at your tournament.

Free Safe Sport training can be found:

Within their USAW Membership account even if they only have the account for renewing their Child's Athlete Membership, aka, not a Coach or Official.  Renewals for Coaches and Officials now will require Safe Sport just like the back ground check has been required.  Those Coaches who 2 year renewed last year also are required to log into their Membership account and take the Safe Sport test now as well.

Free concussion training can be found:

HEADS UP to Youth Sports: Online Training | HEADS UP | CDC Injury Center

2017 AUSAW Sponsors - THANK YOU!

See Team Alaska tab for Order forms


Sponsored by Advanced Diagnostics, Inc.

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Alaska Emergency Medicine Associates


2018 Annual Membership Meeting was held 2/10/18

2017 Annual Membership Meeting was held 2/4/17 @ 1:00pm


More information can be found on the "Team Alaska" tab